November 9

As I walk through the streets of my city this morning, the collective heartache is palpable. I’ve never seen New Yorkers walk this slowly. The city that never sleeps, for once, actually hasn’t. As a father of two young daughters, I’m devastated and concerned about their future. But this post isn’t for them. They’re too young to read, and I will have plenty to say to them in due time. This post also isn’t for those of you who voted for our president elect. I may disagree with you, but I love you. I’m from the Midwest. I know many of you. And if you’re willing, I will eagerly work with you to heal our country.

I want to address those of you who may feel marginalized by last night’s vote: my friends and neighbors who are immigrants, people of color, members of the LGBT community, members of the Muslim and Jewish communities, women, or any of you who wonder what your place will be in the country we share. I love you. You are essential to what has made this diverse nation great. We need you. We are not America without you. Although I still have faith in our nation and hope for the future, my faith and hope are pretty thin at the moment. But my love is stronger than ever because love alone is greater than fear. Love may lose a battle, but it will win the war. Despite all that divides us, love is wide enough to embrace us all.

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