Hope in the Unexpected

Life never goes as planned. Fortunately, some of the surprises are good.

We all know life doesn’t go as planned, yet we’ve cultivated a capacity for perpetual shock. Not everyone, of course, is as optimistically minded as I am. I’m not in the glass-half-empty or glass-half-full camp. I’ve lived mostly with a glass-will-soon-be-overflowing mindset. This still gets me into trouble. I don’t plan for the worst. And my hopes often leave me disillusioned because they are, almost invariably, tied to what I think I deserve. I’m learning to make peace with a more sustaining hope, one that recognizes no one gets what they deserve. We all get far more or far less; and for most of this world’s inhabitants, it seems to be the latter. Life’s beauty is often most fully experienced in moments of surprise—undeserved generosity, unexpected gifts. To be honest, I’m running pretty low on expectations these days. Fortunately, I might be surprised.

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